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How Much Does a Paver Patio Cost to Build in Georgia?

Installing a paver patio is a highly sought-after backyard addition for homeowners in Georgia. Paver patios enhance property value and serve as a focal point for gatherings. However, many homeowners are unaware of the general cost of a paver patio. Let’s delve into the pricing and other key factors to consider.

Important Details to Keep in Mind

There are numerous options available when selecting features for your paver patio. However, all these features are contingent upon the following factors. Familiarizing yourself with these details will provide a better cost estimate.

Square Footage

The size and square footage of your patio are determined by its intended use. For hosting larger gatherings in your outdoor living space, consider a size of at least 20′ by 20′ or larger. A smaller paver patio can be an excellent choice for homeowners desiring little to no maintenance in their backyards.

Designing Your Paver Patio

You have ample options for designing your patio area. Pavers come in various sizes, shapes, layouts, and colors. Additionally, you can choose from patterns such as herringbone, running bond, random patterns, or soldier courses. These choices allow for a fully customized and unique patio.

How Much Will My Paver Patio Cost?

Paver patio costs are calculated based on the square footage of the intended patio area. Using standard patio pavers without add-ons typically results in a price range of $18 to $27 per square foot. However, it’s important to note that each installation is unique, so consider these numbers as a rough estimate.

Most projects start around $2,500 and escalate from there. For larger paver patios suitable for family gatherings and parties, you can expect a price range of $5,000 to $9,000 or more, depending on the scope of work and additional features such as a fireplace, kitchen, plantings, ground covering, sod, drainage, and more.

Planning and Installing a Paver Patio

Meticulous planning is crucial for the durability of your outdoor space. During the planning stage, we assess the amount of removal and site preparation required before excavation. Once construction commences, our crew skillfully handles the transportation and compaction of base materials at the appropriate depth. Following this, the pavers are laid in the designated pattern, with necessary cuts made to fit the patio shape. The project is then completed by applying joint sand, snap edging, and other landscaping elements such as artificial turf, retaining walls, and more.

If you’re ready to elevate your backyard into an exquisite outdoor space, contact the pros at Green Scapes Landscapes for top-rated patio design & construction.

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