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Retaining Walls

Prevent erosion while improving aesthetics with help from the experts at Green Scapes Landscapes, a top-rated retaining wall installer based in Fayetteville, GA serving residential and commercial clients throughout many surrounding areas.

Professional Retaining Wall Installation Fayetteville, GA

A retaining wall serves as a practical way to hold back the earth and is a beautiful addition to just about any property. The expert team at Green Scapes Landscapes can work with you to effectively design and construct the perfect retaining wall that will function for years to come, while providing a degree of uniqueness to boost curb appeal.

With a professionally designed and built block or boulder wall, we will be able to create more usable space on your property by leveling slopes to create a flat lawn area, location to build a paver patio, or install raised gardens. A custom boulder or block retaining wall also brings function in the form of preventing erosion and ensuring proper drainage.

To get started with your next retaining wall in Fayetteville or surrounding community, give us a call at (678) 329-8214 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

Block Wall Construction

Segmented walls utilize blocks manufactured from concrete that interlock together or use pins/adhesive to bond together and create a strong structure that resists substantial loads. The engineered design of manufactured wall block is durable enough for most projects no matter the soil type within the worksite. Retaining wall block is a great way to create a more functional outdoor space since there are countless colors, patterns, sizes and textures that can be used. With a variety of styles of retaining wall block available, there is something to appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

Block walls are not only used to hold back slopes and prevent erosion, they can also be used as decorative features within your landscape and outdoor living space as a seating or freestanding wall built around the perimeter of a paver patio.

To learn more about our block wall building process or get started with your next project, call us at (678) 329-8214 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

Boulder Wall Installation

Natural boulder walls serve as a practical and often more cost-effective way to retain soil on a sloped property. Created by stacking large boulders, these walls can handle significant loads and appeal to those who prefer a more natural look. Like using manufactured block, installing boulders is generally very labor-intensive and is best suited for a professional contractor to design and construct your retaining walls to ensure the long term success of the structure.

Custom Steps

If you’re looking for a way to add a unique flair to your property, installing custom retaining wall steps is a great option. Outdoor stairs are typically built from manufactured block or natural stone. Stairs will improve the functionality of your property by allowing you, your family, friends and all others that visit to safety navigate what would otherwise be a steep slope.

Block or stone steps will improve both aesthetics and property values, especially if the steps are connected to a paver walkway that leads from from your home or a paver patio to other areas of your yard.

The skilled hardscape crew at Green Scapes Landscapes is well-versed in all things block and boulder wall construction. Whether you need to stop erosion in its tracks with a large retaining wall, or want a decorative freestanding wall to surround your new patio or fire pit, our team can craft your dreams into reality. Call us at (678) 329-8214 or request a quote to get started on your next Fayetteville retaining wall project.

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