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Top 4 Yard Drainage Solutions for Georgia Properties

Are you tired of dealing with a waterlogged yard after every rainstorm? You’re not alone – many homeowners and business property managers find themselves struggling to keep their lawns from flooding. Thankfully, there are several drainage solutions that can help you tackle the problem and restore your yard back to its former glory. In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 4 yard drainage solutions that will fix your waterlogged yard!

1. Install a French Drain

A French drain is an underground pipe that collects water from your yard and directs it away from your home or other structures. It’s typically made of perforated PVC pipes with gravel surrounding them, which helps the system filter out dirt and debris while carrying the water away from its source. French drains are a great way to manage waterlogged areas of your lawn.

2. Construct a Dry Creek Bed

If you have a large area of your lawn that tends to flood easily, consider building a dry creek bed direct the flow of water away from vulnerable spots. Since a dry creek bed is installed with rock and boulders, they bring a natural appearance that will compliment your existing landscape.

3. Add a Catch Basin

A catch basin is a large container that sits at the lowest point of your yard and collects excess water that would normally flood your property. The container should be placed on top of gravel or sand for extra protection, and it will hold any excess rainwater until it can dissipate naturally into the ground. This is an easy solution for homeowners who want to avoid flooding in their yards while maintaining a healthy lawn.

4. Re-Grading the Landscape or Lawn Areas

If all else fails to mitigate drainage problems, it may be best to completely renovate the landscape surrounding your home, garage or other building by removing the existing features. Followed by re-grading and then installing new soil at a proper slope followed by plants and ground covering such as mulch or pine straw.

Let the Experts at Green Scapes Landscapes Solve Your Drainage Problems

If you’re located near Fayetteville, GA and surrounding areas, contact the pros at Green Scapes Landscapes to schedule a consultation to remedy the drainage issues you’re experiencing at your home or business property.

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